Gravitational arc candidates in the CFHTLS-Archive-Research Survey CARS

Candidate gravitational arcs in the 37 deg^2 of CFHTLS-Archive-Research Survey (CARS). The data include their post-stamp images, astrometry, photometry (u*,g',r',i'), geometric properties (length, length-to-width ratio, profile curvature, area), and photometric redshifts. The arc candidates were selected booth with an automatic arcfinder, based on a tailored image segmentation and a color selection, and by visually inspecting the survey.
Coordinates (as h m s, d m s or decimal degrees), or SIMBAD-resolvable object
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Photometric redshift of the lens (from CARS catalog).
Length of the arc (see paper for construction).
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If you use this data, please cite the paper Maturi et al, 2014, given in the source metadata