Browser interface to VLBI images of Lockman Hole radio sources

These are 1.4GHz Very Long Baseline Interferometry images of 532 radio sources with a flux density exceeding 100uJy as determined by Ibar et al. (2009, MNRAS, 397, 281), obtained between 2010-06-03 and 2010-09-03. For all fields, we give frames processed using natural weighting to preserve maximal sensitivity. For the 65 detected sources, we additionally give frames processed using uniform weighting to suppress sidelobes (see Middelberg et al. 2013, A&A 551, 97 for details) in flux density measurements. Some sources have larger images to cover a larger area because the initial coordinates were not sufficiently accurate.
ICRS Position, RA,DEC, or Simbad object (e.g., 234.234,-32.45).
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Source name as in 2009MNRAS.397..281I (VizieR J/MNRAS/397/281)
Natural or uniform, according to weighting method.
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