Global TAP Schema Simple Search

This service lets you find columns within VO TAP services by UCD or description words.

For UCD, you will frequently want to use regular expression matches (e.g., ~ pos.eq*). Note that, unfortunately, some services still use old-style UCDs (see Moving to UCD1+). Thus, to find all interesting columns, you may need to search multiple times.

The table can also be queried using TAP or on our ad-hoc ADQL service.

UCD of column (some services still have 1.0 UCDs).
Terms in table description (case does not matter, patterns not allowed)
Terms in column description (case does not matter, patterns not allowed)
Sort by
Limit to items.

The Data Center is currently running in emergency mode after our database server failed catastrophically (see our blog for infos and updates).

This means, in particular, that services built on top of large tables may currently be broken. Since our replacement server is much slower than our usual machine, restoring them will take quite some time.

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