MWSC Star Cluster Search

MWSC presents a list of 3006 Milky Way Stellar Clusters (MWSC), found in the 2MAst (2MASS with Astrometry) catalogue. The target list was compiled on the basis of present-day lists of open, globular and candidate clusters. For confirmed clusters we determined a homogeneous set of astrophysical parameters such as membership, angular radii of the main morphological parts, mean cluster proper motions, distances, reddenings, ages, tidal parameters, and sometimes radial velocities.
Coordinates (as h m s, d m s or decimal degrees), or SIMBAD-resolvable object
Search radius in arcminutes
MWSC sequential number (cluster catalog number).
True if the object type is confirmed, false if object type has candidate status.
NGC, IC or other common designation
No selection matches all, multiple values legal.
Object type
Angular radius of the cluster
Distance from the Sun
Logarithm of average age
Metallicity [Fe/H]; this is copied from 2013arXiv1309.4325C or 2012A&A...539A.125D. Data for globular clusters is taken from the revised Harris (1996) catalogue, edition 2010, or newly determined.
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