Information on Service 'PLTS Datalink'

This service lets you access cutouts from the Palomar/Leiden Trojan plates and retrieve scaled versions.

For a list of all services and tables belonging to this service's resource, see Information on resource 'Scans of the Palomar-Leiden Trojan Survey Plates'

Service Documentation

Emulsion and Filter

Most plates had a Kodak 103a-O emulsion, exposed through a WG-2 filter.

One pair per field was taken each month on Kodak 103a-D emulsion, using a Y-6 filter.

Best effort is made in determining emulsion and filter; metadata regarding those values are incomplete.


You can access this service using:

This service is not published. This can mean that it was deemed too unimportant, for internal use only, or is just a helper for a published service. Equally likely, however, it is under development, abandoned in development or otherwise unfinished. Exercise caution.

Other services provided on the underlying data include:

Spatial Coverage

Input Fields

The following fields are available to provide input to the service (with some renderers, some of these fields may be unavailable):

NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
ID Id The pubisher DID of the dataset of interest N/A;meta.main
maxrec Match limit Maximum number of records returned. Pass 0 to retrieve service parameters. N/A N/A
responseformat Output Format File format requested for output. N/A meta.code.mime
verb Verbosity Exhaustiveness of column selection. VERB=1 only returns the most important columns, VERB=2 selects the columns deemed useful to the average user, VERB=3 returns a table with all available columns. N/A N/A

Based on photographic plates obtained with the Samuel Oschin telescope at Palomar Observatory. Digitization project by the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut (ARI/ZAH), Heidelberg in collaboration with the Institut fuer Erdmessung (IFE), Hannover and funded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation gGmbH.

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