Optical Polarimetric Catalog for the SMC

An optical polarimetric catalog for the Small Magelanic Cloud (SMC) is presented. It gives intrinsic and observed polarizations in the V-band for a total of 7207 stars located in the Northeast and Wing sections of the SMC and part of the Magellanic Bridge.
Coordinates (as h m s, d m s or decimal degrees), or SIMBAD-resolvable object
Search radius in arcminutes
Intrinsic polarisation in per cent of total flux, obtained by substracting the foreground polarization due to Milky Way dust from the observed polarization pol_obs. See paper, chapter 3, for details on foreground determination.
Observed polarization in percent of total flux, obtained by determining the Q and U stokes parameters from V photometry in four different angles.
V band magnitude obtained by summing up the flux of the image pair in one frame and calibrating against several published catalogs (see Table 3 in the paper).
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