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This catalogue provides distances estimates (and uncertainties therein) for 1.33 billion stars over the whole sky brighter than about G=20.7. These have been estimated using the parallaxes (and their uncertainties) from Gaia DR2. A Bayesian procedure was used involving a prior with a single parameter L(l,b), which varies smoothly with Galactic longitude and latitude according to a Galaxy model. The posterior is summarized with a point estimate (usually the mode) and a confidence interval (usually the 68% highest density interval). The estimation procedure is described in detail in the accompanying paper, which also analyses the catalogue content.

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  title={Estimated distances to 1.33 billion stars in Gaia DR2},
  author={Bailer-Jones, C.A.L. and Rybizki, J. and Fouesneau, M. and Mantelet, G. and Andrae, R.},
  howpublished={{VO} resource provided by the {GAVO} Data Center}


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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
source_id Source Id Unique source identifier. Note that this *cannot* be matched against the DR1 source_id. [Note id] N/A;meta.main
r_est Dist Estimated distance pc pos.distance
r_lo Min. Dist. Lower bound on the 1 σ confidence interval pc pos.distance;stat.min
r_hi Max. Dist. Upper bound on the 1 σ confidence interval pc pos.distance;stat.max
r_len Prior scale Length scale used in the prior for the distance estimation. pc;pos.distance
result_flag Res. Code Type of result. [Note rc] N/A meta.code.qual
modality_flag #modes Result regime flag: number of modes in the posterior (1 or 2). N/A meta.code

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Note rc

result_flag has three possible values:

0:failed estimate (r_est, r_lo, r_hi are all NaN)
1:_est is the mode (highest if the posterior is bimodal); r_lo/r_hi define the lower/upper limits of the highest density interval (HDI) containing 68% of the posterior probability
2:r_est is the median; r_lo/r_hi define the lower/upper limits of the equal-tailed interval (ETI), containing 68% of the posterior probability."

99.9% of the rows have result_code=1.