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Resource Description: The main result catalog from the ESA Hipparcos satellite, obtained November 1989 through March 1993. In the GAVO DC, several columns were left out and all angles are given in degrees.

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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
hipno HIP# Identifier (HIP number) N/A;meta.main
ra RA Right ascension ICRS (Epoch J1991.25) deg pos.eq.ra;meta.main
dec Dec Declination ICRS (Epoch J1991.25) deg pos.eq.dec;meta.main
vmag m_V Magnitude in Johnson V mag phot.mag;em.opt.V
varFlag Var? Coarse variability flag [Note 2] N/A meta.code;src.var
whatPos Pos. of Position is for -- A-Z: multiple component, *: Photocenter, +: Center of mass N/A meta.note
parallax Parallax Trigonometric parallax deg pos.parallax.trig
pmRA PM(RA)*cos(delta) Proper motion in RA, cos(delta) applied deg/yr;pos.eq.ra
pmDE PM(delta) Proper motion in Declination deg/yr;pos.eq.dec
e_RAdeg Err. RA Standard error in RA*cos(delta) deg stat.error
e_DEdeg Err. Dec Standard error in DE deg stat.error
e_parallax Err. Par Standard error of parallax deg stat.error
e_pmRA Err. PM RA Standard error in PM in RA deg/yr stat.error
e_pmDE Err. PM Dec Standard error in PM in Dec deg/yr stat.error
F2 Fit qual. Goodness-of-fit parameter, >3 means bad data N/A
Hpmag Med. Mag. Median magnitude in Hipparcos system mag phot.mag;em.opt.V
e_Hpmag Err. Med. Mag. Standard error on median magnitude mag stat.error
Hpscat Mag. Scatter Scatter on median magnitude mag phot.mag;em.opt.V
o_Hpmag #mags Number of observations in median magnitude N/A meta.number
whatMag Mag. of Mag is for -- A-Z: multiple component, *: combined and corrected for attenuation, +: combined and not corrected for attenuation N/A meta.code.multip
Hpmax Mag. Max. Hpmag at maximum (5th percentile) mag phot.mag;em.opt.V
Hpmin Mag. Min. Hpmag at minimum (95th percentile) mag phot.mag;em.opt.V
period Period Variability period s time.period
SpType Spect. Spectral type from various sources N/A src.spType
MultFlag Multiple? Multiplicity flag, see note. [Note 1] N/A meta.code.multip
binPA PA Position angle between components deg pos.posAng;src.orbital
binSep Separation Angular separation between components arcsec pos.angDistance;src.orbital
binSepErr Err(Sep) Standard error on ang. separation arcsec stat.error;pos.angDistance;src.orbital
magDiff Diff(mags) Magnitude difference of components mag phot.mag;arith.diff

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