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The Tübingen NLTE Model-Atmosphere Package (TMAP) is a tool to calculate stellar atmospheres in spherical or plane-parallel geometry in hydrostatic and radiative equilibrium allowing departures from local thermodynamic equilibrium (LTE) for the population of atomic levels./TMAP/ is based on the so-called Accelerated Lambda Iteration (ALI) method and is able to account for line blanketing by metals. All elements from hydrogen to nickel may be included in the calculation with model atoms which are tailored for the aims of the user.

For a list of all services and tables belonging to this service's resource, see Information on resource 'TheoSSA - Theoretical Stellar Spectra Access'


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Default Output Fields

The following fields are contained in the output by default. More fields may be available for selection; these would be given below in the VOTable output fields.

NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
flux Flux Stellar surface flux density 0.1J/(m**2.s.m) phot.flux.density
flux_cont Continuum Continuum flux 0.1J/(m**2.s.m) phot.flux.density;spect.continuum
flux_norm Cont. Norm. Continuum normalised flux (as flux/continuum) N/A phot.flux.density;arith.ratio
spectral Spectral Wavelength Angstrom em.wl

When publishing research making use of this service, please acknowledge: "The TheoSSA service ( used to retrieve theoretical spectra for this paper was constructed as part of the activities of the German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory."

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