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This is a rendering of the CASA Offline Splatalogue in a draft LineTAP, mainly intended to enable verification of the standard. This is not recommended for production yet. In particular, many InChIs are known wrong, and we have skipped several hundred lines because we did have no InChIs for their species at all.

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This table has an associated publication. If you use data from it, it may be appropriate to reference 2007AAS...21113211R (ADS BibTeX entry for the publication) either in addition to or instead of the service reference.

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  title={Splatalogue {CASA} {LineTAP}},
  author={Brogan, C. and Remijan, A. J. and Markwick-Kemper, A.},
  howpublished={{VO} resource provided by the {GAVO} Data Center}


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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
title Line name Human-readable line designation. N/A
vacuum_wavelength Vacuum_wavelength Vacuum wavelength of the transition Angstrom em.wl
vacuum_wavelength_error Vacuum_wavelength_error Total error in vacuum_wavelength Angstrom stat.error;em.wl
method Method Method the wavelength was obtained with (XSAMS controlled vocabulary) N/A meta.code.class
element Element Element name for atomic transitions, NULL otherwise. N/A phys.atmol.element
ion_charge Ion_charge Total charge (ionisation level) of the emitting particle. N/A phys.electCharge
mass_number Mass_number Number of nucleons in the atom or molecule N/A phys.atmol.weight
upper_energy Upper_energy Energy of the upper state J;phys.atmol.initial
lower_energy Lower_energy Energy of the lower state J;
inchi Inchi International Chemical Identifier InChI. N/A;phys.atmol;meta.main
inchikey Inchikey The InChi key (hash) generated from inchi. N/A;phys.atmol
einstein_a Einstein_a Einstein A coefficient of the radiative transition. N/A phys.atmol.transProb
xsams_uri Xsams_uri A URI for a full XSAMS description of this line. N/A meta.ref
line_reference Line_reference Reference to the source of the line data; this could be a bibcode, a DOI, or a plain URI. N/A meta.ref
nrao_formula NRAO formula Chemical formula in NRAO's argot. N/A;phys.mol
common_name Common Name Common name of the molecule. N/A;phys.mol
quantnr Quantum Numbers Resolved Quantum Number as per N/A phys.atmol.configuration
dipole_moment Dipole moment Molecule dipole moment Sij μ² D N/A

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