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Resource Description: The Fifth Catalogue of Nearby Stars (CNS5) aims to provide the most volume-complete sample of stars in the solar neighbourhood. The CNS5 is compiled based on trigonometric parallaxes from Gaia EDR3 and Hipparcos, and supplemented with astrometric data from Spitzer and ground-based surveys carried out in the infrared. The CNS5 catalogue is statistically complete down to 19.7 mag in G-band and 11.8 mag in W1-band absolute magnitudes, corresponding to a spectral type of L8. Continuous updates of observational data for nearby stars from all sources were collected and evaluated. For all known stars in the 25 pc sphere around the Sun, the best values of positions in space, velocities, and magnitudes in different filters are presented.

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  title={The Fifth Catalogue of Nearby Stars ({CNS5})},
  author={Golovin, Alex and Reffert, Sabine and Just, Andreas and Jordan, Stefan and Vani, Akash and Jahreiß, Hartmut},
  howpublished={{VO} resource provided by the {GAVO} Data Center}


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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
cns5_id Id CNS5 designation N/A;meta.main
gj_id GJ Gliese-Jahreiss number N/A
component_id Comp Suffix for a component of binary or multiple system N/A meta.code.multip
n_components #C Total number of components in the system N/A meta.number
primary_flag P? True for the primary of a multiple system N/A meta.code
gj_system_primary GJ_p Gliese-Jahriess number of the primary component of the system N/A
gaia_edr3_id DR3 id Source identifier in Gaia EDR3 N/A
hip_id HIP Hipparcos identifier N/A
ra RA Right ascension deg pos.eq.ra;meta.main
dec Dec Declination deg pos.eq.dec;meta.main
epoch Epoch Reference epoch for coordinates yr time.epoch
coordinates_bibcode Src Pos Source of the position N/A meta.bib;pos.eq
parallax ϖ Absolute trigonometric parallax mas pos.parallax.trig
parallax_error Err. ϖ Error in parallax mas stat.error;pos.parallax.trig
parallax_bibcode Src ϖ Source of the parallax N/A meta.bib;pos.parallax.trig
pmra PM RA Proper motion in right ascension mas/yr;pos.eq.ra
pmra_error Err. PM RA Error in pmra mas/yr stat.error;;pos.eq.ra
pmdec PM Dec Proper motion in declination mas/yr;pos.eq.dec
pmdec_error Err. PM Dec Error of pmdec mas/yr stat.error;;pos.eq.dec
pm_bibcode Src. PM Source of the proper motion N/A meta.bib;
rv RV Spectroscopic radial velocity km/s phys.veloc;pos.barycenter
rv_error Err. RV Error in rv km/s stat.error;phys.veloc;pos.barycenter
rv_bibcode Src. RV Source of the radial velocity N/A meta.bib;phys.veloc;pos.barycenter
g_mag G G band mean magnitude (corrected) mag phot.mag;em.opt
g_mag_error Err. G Error in g_mag mag stat.error;phot.mag;em.opt
bp_mag BP Gaia eDR3 integrated BP mean magnitude mag phot.mag;em.opt.b
bp_mag_error Err. BP Error in bp_mag mag stat.error;phot.mag;em.opt.b
rp_mag RP Gaia eDR3 integrated RP mean magnitude mag phot.mag;em.opt.r
rp_mag_error Err. RP Error in rp_mag mag stat.error;phot.mag;em.opt.r
g_mag_from_hip G HIP Hipparcos Hp magnitude converted to the G band mag phot.mag;em.opt
g_mag_from_hip_error Err. G HIP Error in g_mag_from_hip mag stat.error;phot.mag;em.opt
g_rp_from_hip G-RP HIP G - RP colour computed from Hipparcos V and I mag phot.color;em.opt.r;em.opt
g_rp_from_hip_error Err. G-RP HIP Error in g_rp_from_hip mag stat.error;phot.color;em.opt.r;em.opt
g_mag_resulting G_r Resulting (e.g., deblended) G band magnitude mag phot.mag;em.opt
g_mag_resulting_error Err. G_r Error in g_mag_resulting mag stat.error;phot.mag;em.opt
g_rp_resulting (G-RP)_r Resulting (e.g., deblended) G - RP colour mag phot.color;em.opt.r;em.opt
g_rp_resulting_error Err. (G-RP)_r Error in g_rp_resulting mag stat.error;phot.color;em.opt.r;em.opt
g_rp_resulting_flag G-RP? 0 – G-RP is deblended; 1 – G-RP is uncorrected vs. eDR3; 2 – G-RP is converted from Hipparcos N/A meta.code;phot.mag
j_mag J 2MASS J band magnitude mag phot.mag;
j_mag_error Err. J Error in j_mag mag stat.error;phot.mag;
h_mag H 2MASS H band magnitude mag phot.mag;
h_mag_error Err. H Error in h_mag mag stat.error;phot.mag;
k_mag Ks 2MASS Ks band magnitude mag phot.mag;
k_mag_error Err. Ks Error in k_mag mag stat.error;phot.mag;
jhk_mag_bibcode Src. NIR Source of NIR magnitudes N/A meta.bib;phot.mag;
w1_mag W1 WISE W1 band magnitude mag phot.mag;
w1_mag_error Err. W1 Error in w1_mag mag stat.error;phot.mag;
w2_mag W2 WISE W2 band magnitude mag phot.mag;
w2_mag_error Err. W2 Error in w2_mag mag stat.error;phot.mag;
w3_mag W3 WISE W3 band magnitude mag phot.mag;
w3_mag_error Err. W3 Error in w3_mag mag stat.error;phot.mag;
w4_mag W4 WISE W4 band magnitude mag phot.mag;
w4_mag_error Err. W4 Error in w4_mag mag stat.error;phot.mag;
wise_mag_bibcode Src. MIR Source of MIR magnitudes N/A meta.bib;phot.mag;

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