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Table Description:

A table of the light curves released with Gaia DR2 (about half a million in total). In each Gaia band (G, BP, RP), we give epochs, fluxes and their errors in arrays. We do not include the quality flags (DR2: “may be safely ignored for many general purpose applications”). You can access them through the associated datalink service if you select source_id. You will usually join this table with gaia.dr2light.

We have also removed all entries with NaN observation times; hence, the array lengths in the different bands can be significantly different, and the indices in transit_ids do not always correspond to the indices in the time series.

Furthermore, we only give fluxes and their errors here rather than magnitudes. Fluxes can be turned into magnitude using:

mag = -2.5 log10(flux)+zero point,

where the zero points assumed for Gaia DR2 are 25.6884±0.0018 in G, 25.3514±0.0014 in BP, and 24.7619±0.0019 in RP (VEGAMAG).

This table is available for ADQL queries and through the TAP endpoint.

Resource Description:

This schema contains data re-published from the official Gaia mirrors (such as ivo:// either to support combining its data with local tables (the various Xlite tables) or to make the data more accessible to VO clients (e.g., epoch fluxes).

Other Gaia-related data is found in, among others, the gdr2dist, gdr3mock, gdr3spec, gedr3auto, gedr3dist, gedr3mock, and gedr3spur schemas.

For a list of all services and tables belonging to this table's resource, see Information on resource 'Selections from Gaia Data Release 2 (DR2)'

Citing this table

To cite the table as such, we suggest the following BibTeX entry:

  title={Gaia DR2 epoch fluxes},
  author={{GAIA} Collaboration},
  howpublished={{VO} resource provided by the {GAVO} Data Center}


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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
source_id Source Id Unique source identifier. Note that this *cannot* be matched against the DR1 source_id. [Note sid] N/A;meta.main
transit_id T. ids Transit unique identifier. For a given object, a transit comprises the different Gaia observations (SM, AF, BP, RP and RVS) obtained for each focal plane crossing. NOTE: Where invalid observations have been removed, transit_id *cannot* be joined with times and fluxes. N/A meta.version
g_transit_time Epochs for G fluxes The field-of-view transit averaged observation times for the G-band observations. This is given for barycentric TCB in JD-2,455,197.5. [Note t] d time.epoch
g_transit_flux G fluxes G-band fluxes for the transit, for combination with g_transit_time_mjd. Here, this is a combination of individual SM-AF CCD fluxes s**-1 phot.flux;em.opt.V
g_transit_flux_error Errors in G fluxes The error in G-band flux. s**-1 stat.error;phot.flux;em.opt.V
rp_obs_time Epochs for RP fluxes The observation time of the RP CCD transit. This is given for barycentric TCB in JD-2,455,197.5. [Note t] d time.epoch
rp_flux RP fluxes RP-band integrated fluxes, for combination with rp_obs_time s**-1 phot.flux;em.opt.R
rp_flux_error Errors in RP fluxes The error in RP-band flux. s**-1 stat.error;phot.flux;em.opt.R
bp_obs_time Epochs for BP fluxes The observation time of the BP CCD transit. This is given for barycentric TCB in JD-2,455,197.5. [Note t] d time.epoch
bp_flux BP fluxes BP-band integrated fluxes, for combination with bp_obs_time s**-1 phot.flux;em.opt.B
bp_flux_error Errors in BP fluxes The error in BP-band flux. s**-1 stat.error;phot.flux;em.opt.B
solution_id Sol. Id A DPAC id for the toolchain used to produce these particular time series. It is given to facilitate comparison with ESAC data products. N/A meta.version

Columns that are parts of indices are marked like this.


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