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Table Description: This contains the data actually generated. Users probably want to use the gdr2mock.main table that (fairly well) follows the Gaia DR2 data model.

This table is available for ADQL queries and through the TAP endpoint.

Resource Description: This catalogue is a simulation of the Gaia EDR3 stellar content using Galaxia (a tool to sample stars from a Besancon-like Milky Way model), 3d dust extinction maps and the latest PARSEC Isochrones. It is mimicking the Gaia DR2 data model and an apparent magnitude limit of G=20,7. Extinctions and photometry in different bands have also been included in a supplementary table as well as uncertainty estimates using scaled GDR2 errors. Additional magnitude limit per HEALpix maps are provided, based on the mode in the magnitude distribution of Gaia DR2 data.

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  author={Rybizki, J. and Demleitner, M. and Bailer-Jones, C. and Tio, P. D. and Cantat-Gaudin, T. and Fouesneau, M. and Chen, Y. and Andrae, R. and Girardi, L. and Sharma, S.},
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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
teff Teff effective Temperature K N/A
feh [Fe/H] log of metallicity in solar units ('dex') N/A N/A
a0 A_0 monochramatic Extinction at lambda=547.7nm mag N/A
lum Luminosity Stellar luminosity solLum N/A
l l Galactic longitude deg N/A
b b Galactic latitude deg N/A
smass Mass_initial initial mass in solar masses solMass N/A
age Age Age of the star Gyr N/A
logg log(g) Surface gravity of star log(cm/(s**2)) N/A
phot_g_mean_mag G apparent G mag including extinction mag N/A
phot_bp_mean_mag BP apparent BP mag including extinction mag N/A
phot_rp_mean_mag RP apparent RP mag including extinction mag N/A
phot_rvs_mean_mag RVS apparent RVS mag including extinction mag N/A
popid PopID Population ID according to the Besancon model. Including SMC/LMC = 10 and stellar clusters = 11 N/A N/A
mact Mass_actual actual (present) mass in solar masses solMass N/A
phot_g_mean_mag_error error_G error in G mag N/A
a_g A_G Extinction in G mag N/A
a_bp A_BP Extinction in BP mag N/A
a_rp A_RP Extinction in RP mag N/A
a_rvs A_RVS Extinction in RVS mag N/A
parallax parallax parallax in mas mas N/A
radial_velocity V_rad Radial velocity in km/s km/s N/A
pm_ra pm_alpha Proper motion in projection of right ascension mas/yr N/A
pm_dec pm_delta Proper motion in declination mas/yr N/A
parallax_error error_parallax parallax uncertainty in mas mas N/A
radial_velocity_error error_rvs Radial velocity uncertainty in km/s km/s N/A
phot_g_n_obs Nobs Number of photometric observations (trained from DR2 scaled to DR3 time) N/A N/A
visibility_periods_used VPU Number of observations effectively used for the astrometric solutions (trained from DR2 scaled to DR3) N/A N/A
source_id ID Healpix number using Nside = 4096 with the nested scheme on equatorial coordinates times 2^35. The last digits of the source_id are reserved for a running number that serves as a unique identifier per HEALPix cell. This is formed in accordance with Gaia's source_id definition, but of course mock objects have no relation to any Gaia objects that may have an identical source_id. N/A;meta.main
ra RA (ICRS) Barycentric Right Ascension in ICRS at ref_epoch deg pos.eq.ra;meta.main
dec Dec (ICRS) Barycentric Declination in ICRS at ref_epoch deg pos.eq.dec;meta.main
index_parsec Phot. [GeDR3mock only] Foreign key into the photometry/extinction table, . N/A
random_index Random Random index that can be used to deterministically select subsets N/A N/A
d11y Det% [GeDR3mock only] Probability that this source can be detected by Gaia, estimated according to interpolated Table 1 in 2019A&A...621A..86B, in percent (this is below 100 for fainter sources of close pairs). N/A stat.likelihood;obs

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