Table information for 'ivoa.obs_radio'


Table Description: An IVOA-defined metadata table for radio measurements, with extra metadata for interferometric measurements ("visibilities") as well as single-dish observations. You will almost always want to join this table to ivoa.obscore (do a natural join).

This table is available for ADQL queries and through the TAP endpoint.

Resource Description: Radio-specific metadata for suitable data products from GAVO Data Center's obscore table.

For a list of all services and tables belonging to this table's resource, see Information on resource 'GAVO Data Center obs_radio Table'

Citing this table

To cite the table as such, we suggest the following BibTeX entry:

  title={{GAVO} Data Center obs\_radio Table},
  author={{GAVO} Data Centre},
  howpublished={{VO} resource provided by the {GAVO} Data Center}


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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
obs_publisher_did Pub. DID Dataset identifier assigned by the publisher. N/A meta.ref.ivoid
s_resolution_min S_resolution_min Angular resolution, longest baseline and max frequency dependent arcsec pos.angResolution;stat.min
s_resolution_max S_resolution_max Angular resolution, longest baseline and min frequency dependent arcsec pos.angResolution;stat.max
s_fov_min S_fov_min Field of view diameter, min value, max frequency dependent deg phys.angSize;instr.fov;stat.min
s_fov_max S_fov_max Field of view diameter, max value, min frequency dependent deg phys.angSize;instr.fov;stat.max
s_maximum_angular_scale S_maximum_angular_scale Maximum scale in dataset, shortest baseline and frequency dependent arcsec phys.angSize;stat.max
f_resolution F_resolution Absolute spectral resolution in frequency kHz em.freq;stat.max
t_exp_min T_exp_min Minimum integration time per sample s time.duration;obs.exposure;stat.min
t_exp_max T_exp_max Maximum integration time per sample s time.duration;obs.exposure;stat.max
t_exp_mean T_exp_mean Average integration time per sample s time.duration;obs.exposure;stat.mean
uv_distance_min Uv_distance_min Minimal distance in uv plane m stat.fourier;pos;stat.min
uv_distance_max Uv_distance_max Maximal distance in uv plane m stat.fourier;pos;stat.max
uv_distribution_ecc Uv_distribution_ecc Eccentricity of uv distribution N/A stat.fourier;pos
uv_distribution_fill Uv_distribution_fill Filling factor of uv distribution N/A stat.fourier;pos;arith.ratio
instrument_ant_number Instrument_ant_number Number of antennas in array N/A meta.number;instr.param
instrument_ant_min_dist Instrument_ant_min_dist Minimum distance between antennas in array m instr.baseline;stat.min
instrument_ant_max_dist Instrument_ant_max_dist Maximum distance between antennas in array m instr.baseline;stat.max
instrument_ant_diameter Instrument_ant_diameter Diameter of telecope or antennas in array m instr.param
instrument_feed Instrument_feed Number of feeds N/A instr.param
scan_mode Scan_mode Scan mode (on-off, raster map, on-the-fly map,...) N/A instr.param
tracking_mode Tracking_mode Targeted, alt-azimuth, wobble, ...) N/A instr.param

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