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Table Description: Stations in the lightmeter network

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Resource Description: We give continuous night and day light measurements at all natural outdoor light levels by a network of low-cost lightmeters. Developed to start simple, global continuous high cadence monitoring of night sky brightness and artificial night sky brightening (light pollution) in 2009. The lightmeter network is a project of the Thüringer Landessternwarte, Tautenburg, Germany and the Kuffner-Sternwarte society at the Kuffner-Observatory, Vienna, Austria. It started as part of the Dark Skies Awareness cornerstone of the International Year of Astronomy.

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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
stationId Station ID Identifier of the measuring station, starting with an ISO CC N/A;meta.main
lat Lat. Latitude of the observing station deg
long Long. Longitude of the observing station deg
height Height Height above sea level m
fullname Name Full name of the station N/A
devtype Type Device type (as in: IYA Lightmeter, SQM, ...) N/A meta.code;instr
timeCorrection dt Seconds to add to this stations reported times to obtain UTC N/A N/A
calibA Cal. a Calibration parameter, a [Note cal] N/A instr.calib
calibB Cal. b Calibration parameter, b [Note cal] N/A instr.calib
calibC Cal. c Calibration parameter, c [Note cal] W.m**-2 instr.calib
calibD Cal. d Calibration parameter, d [Note cal] K**-1 instr.calib

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Note cal

The calibration parameters are used to convert raw counts to actual fluxes using the formula:

Phi = c (b (a exp(n (1+dT)/a)-1)+n)

where n is the raw count, T the instrument temperature and Phi is a flux in units of c.

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