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A table of rotation measures derived from the content of lotsspol.spectra. This is supposed to be in line with RMTable version 1,

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The LOFAR Two Meter Sky Survey LoTSS DR2 (2022A&A...659A...1S) obtained radio data from 27% of the northern sky between 120 and 168 MHz in the year 2014 through 2020. This service publishes polarization spectra of extragalactic radio sources (radio galaxies and blazars) and the rotation measures derived from them. We also give redshifts for all sources. The data has a spatial resolution of 20 arcsec.

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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
cat_id Cat. # Source ID in catalog N/A;meta.main
ra RA Right Ascension [ICRS] of the polarised emission at epoch (this will often be an one extremity of the radio source). deg pos.eq.ra;meta.main
dec Dec Declination [ICRS] of the polarised emission at epoch (this will often be an one extremity of the radio source). deg pos.eq.dec;meta.main
datalink Spectrum Datalink for the spectrum N/A meta.ref.url
rm Rot. Meas. Rotation measure rad.m**-2 phys.polarization.rotMeasure;meta.main
rm_err Err. RM Total error in RM rad.m**-2 stat.error;phys.polarization.rotMeasure
rm_err_snr Rm_err_snr Error in RM from signal to noise ratio only rad.m**-2 stat.error;phys.polarization.rotMeasure
polint Pol. intens. Polarized intensity Jy phot.flux.density;phys.polarization.linear
polint_err Err. Pol.Int. Error in Polarised Intensity Jy stat.error;phot.flux.density;phys.polarization.linear
fracpol Fracpol Fractional (linear) polarization N/A phys.polarization.linear
fracpol_err Fracpol_err Error in fractional polarization N/A stat.error;phys.polarization.linear
rmsf_fwhm Rmsf_fwhm Full-width at half maximum of the RMSF rad.m**-2 instr.rmsf;stat.fwhm
reffreq_pol Reffreq_pol Reference frequency for polarization Hz em.freq;phys.polarization
l L Galactic Longitude deg pos.galactic.lon
b B Galactic Latitude deg
pos_err Pos_err Position uncertainty deg stat.error;pos
beamdist Beamdist Distance from beam centre (taken as centre of tile) deg pos.angDistance;instr.beam
catname Catname Name of catalog this was taken from. N/A meta.note
complex_flag Complex_flag Faraday complexity flag N/A meta.code
complex_test Complex_test Faraday complexity metric N/A meta.note
rm_method Rm_method RM determination method N/A meta.note
ionosphere Ionosphere Ionospheric correction method N/A meta.note
pol_bias Pol_bias Polarization bias correction method N/A meta.note
flux_type Flux_type Stokes extraction method N/A meta.note
beam_maj Beam_maj Beam major axis deg pos.angResolution;instr.beam;phys.angSize.smajAxis
beam_min Beam_min Beam minor axis deg pos.angResolution;instr.beam;phys.angSize.sminAxis
beam_pa Beam_pa Beam position angle deg pos.angResolution;instr.beam;pos.posAng
reffreq_beam Reffreq_beam Reference frequency for beam Hz em.freq;instr.beam
minfreq Minfreq Lowest frequency Hz em.freq;stat.min
maxfreq Maxfreq Highest frequency Hz em.freq;stat.max
channelwidth Channelwidth Typical channel width Hz em.freq;instr.bandwidth
noise_chan Noise_chan Typical per-channel noise in Q;U Jy stat.error;instr.det.noise
telescope Telescope Name of Telescope(s) N/A
int_time Int_time Integration time s time.duration;obs.exposure
epoch_mjd Epoch_mjd Median epoch of observation d time.epoch
obs_interval Obs_interval Interval of observation d time.interval
leakage Leakage Instrumental leakage estimate N/A phys.polarization.linear
dataref Dataref Data references N/A meta.bib.bibcode
notes Notes Notes N/A meta.note
reffreq_i Reffreq_i Reference frequency for Stokes I Hz em.freq;phys.polarization.stokes.I
field LoTSS pointing LoTSS observation pointing name N/A;obs.field
x X x-pixel coordinate within an individual LoTSS field, ranging from 0 to 3200, for a pixel width of 4.5 arcsec pixel pos.cartesian.x;instr.det
y Y y-pixel coordinate within an individual LoTSS field, ranging from 0 to 3200, for a pixel height of 4.5 arcsec pixel pos.cartesian.y;instr.det
snr_rmtools_mad Snr_rmtools_mad Signal to noise ratio based the peak polarized intensity divided by the estimated noise in the Faraday depth spectrum (where the noise is computed using the median deviation from the median of the polarized intensity, and then correcting to be equivalent to a Gaussian sigma). N/A stat.snr;phot.flux;phys.polarization
ra_nvss Ra_nvss RA of the object in NVSS deg pos.eq.ra
dec_nvss Dec_nvss Dec of the object in NVSS deg pos.eq.dec
nvss_rm Nvss_rm Rotation measure of the object in NVSS rad.m**-2 phys.polarization.rotMeasure
nvss_rm_err Nvss_rm_err Error in rotation measure of the object in NVSS rad.m**-2 stat.error;phys.polarization.rotMeasure
i_nvss I_nvss Integrated Stokes I flux density from NVSS mJy phot.flux;phys.polarization.stokes.I
p_nvss P_nvss Average peak polarized intensity from NVSS mJy phot.flux;phys.polarization.stokes.I
pi_nvss Pi_nvss Percent polarization from NVSS N/A phys.polarization;arith.ratio
separation_nvss Separation_nvss Difference between NVSS position and LoTSS DR2 position arcsec pos.angDistance
lgz_size Lgz_size Largest angular size of the source arcsec phys.angsize;stat.max
zphot Zphot Photometric redshift derived here from archive photometry (WISE, PanSTARRS, etc; cf. 2021A&A...648A...4D). N/A src.redshift.phot
zphot_err Zphot_err Error in zphot N/A stat.error;src.redshift.phot
phot_spec_z_best Phot_spec_z_best Nature of z_best: 0: phot, 1: spec N/A meta.code;src.redshift
lgz_ra_deg Lgz_ra_deg RA of the host galaxy, mainly from NED. deg pos.eq.ra
lgz_dec_deg Lgz_dec_deg Dec of the host galaxy, mainly from NED. deg pos.eq.dec
z_best Z_best Best redshift available from the literature, typically from NED. N/A src.redshift
num_in_field Num_in_field Number of polarized sources in the originating pointing. N/A meta.number;src
medrm Medrm Median RM in the originating pointing. rad.m**-2 phys.polarization.rotMeasure;stat.median
madrm Madrm Median absolute deviation of RM in the originating pointing. rad.m**-2 stat.mad;phys.polarization.rotMeasure
medfpol Medfpol Median degree of polarization in the originating pointing (percent). N/A phys.polarization;stat.median
madfpol Madfpol Median absolute deviation of degree of polarization in the originating pointing (percent). N/A stat.mad;phys.polarization
ra_centre Ra_centre RA of field centre deg pos.eq.ra;obs.field
dec_centre Dec_centre Dec of field centre deg pos.eq.dec;obs.field
nchan Nchan Number of channels used in RM derivation N/A meta.number;em.bin
source_name_dr2 ILT name Official source name assigned by the International LOFAR Telescope ILT. N/A
ra_dr2 Ra_dr2 LoTSS DR2 RA of the centroid of the total radio intensity using pyBDSF. deg pos.eq.ra
dec_dr2 Dec_dr2 LoTSS DR2 Dec of the centroid of the total radio intensity using pyBDSF. deg pos.eq.dec
e_ra_dr2 E_ra_dr2 Error in ra_dr2 deg stat.error;pos.eq.ra
e_dec_dr2 E_dec_dr2 Error in dec_dr2 deg stat.error;pos.eq.dec
total_flux_dr2 Total_flux_dr2 Total radio flux at 144 MHz from pyBDSF. Jy phot.flux;
e_total_flux_dr2 E_total_flux_dr2 Error in total_flux_dr2 Jy stat.error;phot.flux;
maj_dr2 Maj_dr2 Semimajor axis of the radio emission arcsec phys.angSize.smajAxis
min_dr2 Min_dr2 Semiminor axis of the radio emission arcsec phys.angSize.sminAxis
pa_dr2 Pa_dr2 Position angle of the radio emission, north over west deg pos.posAng
l144 L144 Spectral luminosity at 144 MHz in the rest frame of the source W.Hz**-1 phys.luminosity
linearsize_kpc Linearsize_kpc Projected largest linear size kpc phys.size
rrm Rrm The residual RM after subtraction of the average Galactic RM within an aperture of radius 1 degree (see the grm column). [Note galm] rad.m**-2 phys.polarization.rotMeasure;
grm Grm Average Galactic RM within an aperture of radius 1 degree from the Garching Faraday rotation sky v2. [Note galm] rad.m**-2 phys.polarization.rotMeasure
grmerr Grmerr Error in grm. [Note galm] rad.m**-2 stat.error;phys.polarization.rotMeasure
bzcat_name Bzcat_name Blazar source name in the ROMA-BZCAT catalogue (2015Ap&SS.357...75M) N/A

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Note galm

This is using Version 2 of the Galactic Faraday rotation sky at ̃ensslin/research/data/faraday2020.html.