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Table Description: Spectrally resolved polarisation; for pre-derived rotation measures, see lotsspol.rmtable. The spectral behaviour of the LoTSS Stokes I data are presently unreliable and not included here. However, one can use the stokes_i column in lotsspol.rmtable in combination with an assumed radio spectral index to produce fractional polarization spectra.

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Resource Description:

The LOFAR Two Meter Sky Survey LoTSS DR2 (2022A&A...659A...1S) obtained radio data from 27% of the northern sky between 120 and 168 MHz in the year 2014 through 2020. This service publishes polarization spectra of extragalactic radio sources (radio galaxies and blazars) and the rotation measures derived from them. We also give redshifts for all sources. The data has a spatial resolution of 20 arcsec.

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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
ssa_location Location ICRS location of aperture center deg pos.eq
ssa_dateObs Date Obs. Midpoint of exposure (MJD) d time.epoch
ssa_dstitle Title A compact and descriptive designation of the dataset. N/A meta.title;meta.dataset
ssa_specstart Band start Lower value of spectral coordinate m em.wl;stat.min
ssa_specend Band end Upper value of spectral coordinate m em.wl;stat.max
ssa_length Length Number of points in the spectrum N/A N/A
ssa_timeExt Exp. Time Exposure duration s time.duration
ssa_targclass Ob. cls Object class (star, QSO,...; use Simbad object classification if at all possible) N/A src.class
accref Product key Access key for the data N/A meta.ref.url
owner Owner Owner of the data N/A N/A
embargo Embargo ends Date the data will become/became public a N/A
mime Type MIME type of the file served N/A meta.code.mime
accsize File size Size of the data in bytes byte VOX:Image_FileSize
ssa_region Coverage Rough coverage based on location and aperture. N/A pos.outline;obs.field
cat_id Cat_id Running number of the source N/A;meta.main
freq Freq The spectral coordinate Hz em.freq
stokesi Stokesi Per-frequency Stokes polarization coefficients I mJy/beam phys.polarization.stokes.I
stokesi_error Stokesi_error Error in stokesi mJy/beam stat.error;phys.polarization.stokes.I
stokesq Stokesq Per-frequency Stokes polarization coefficients Q mJy/beam phys.polarization.stokes.Q
stokesq_error Stokesq_error Error in stokesq mJy/beam stat.error;phys.polarization.stokes.Q
stokesu Stokesu Per-frequency Stokes polarization coefficients U mJy/beam phys.polarization.stokes.U
stokesu_error Stokesu_error Error in stokesu mJy/beam stat.error;phys.polarization.stokes.U
galactic_location Galactic ssa_location expressed in galactic coordinates (do not use for querying: there's no index on this). N/A pos;pos.galactic

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