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Table Description: A list of milky way stellar cluster candidates and objects, together with the notes and parameters from confirmed objects for the original publication.

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Resource Description: MWSC presents a list of 3006 Milky Way Stellar Clusters (MWSC), found in the 2MAst (2MASS with Astrometry) catalogue. The target list was compiled on the basis of present-day lists of open, globular and candidate clusters. For confirmed clusters we determined a homogeneous set of astrophysical parameters such as membership, angular radii of the main morphological parts, mean cluster proper motions, distances, reddenings, ages, tidal parameters, and sometimes radial velocities.

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  title={Global Survey of Star Clusters in the Milky Way},
  author={Kharchenko, N.V. and Piskunov, A.E. and Roeser, S. and Schilbach, E. and Scholz, R.-D.},
  howpublished={{VO} resource provided by the {GAVO} Data Center}


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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
recno Id MWSC sequential number (cluster catalog number). N/A;meta.main
name Common Name NGC, IC or other common designation N/A
confirmation_flag Cluster? Is this object a stellar cluster? 'dupe' indicates the object coincides with another cluster. N/A N/A
object_type Source Classification Object type N/A src.class
ot_certain Type Certain? True if the object type is confirmed, false if object type has candidate status. N/A meta.code;src.class
source Source Source for MWSC list and input parameters N/A meta.ref
source_type Src type Object type from source [Note o] N/A src.class
n_star N Number of stars in MWSC sky area. N/A meta.number
raj2000 RA Adopted cluster centre in RA J2000.0 deg pos.eq.ra;meta.main
dej2000 Dec Adopted cluster centre in Dec J2000.0 deg pos.eq.dec;meta.main
glon l Galactic longitude deg pos.galactic.lon
glat b Galactic latitude deg
rcore R(core) Angular radius of the core deg phys.angSize;src
rcenter R(center) Angular radius of the central part deg phys.angSize;src
rcluster R(cluster) Angular radius of the cluster deg phys.angSize;src
pmra PM(RA) Average proper motion in RA*cos(DE) deg/yr;pos.eq.ra;stat.mean
pmde PM(Dec) Average proper motion in Declination deg/yr;pos.eq.dec;stat.mean
e_pm e_PM Error of proper motion deg/yr stat.error;;pos.eq.ra;stat.mean
rv RV Average radial velocity km/s spect.dopplerVeloc;pos.heliocentric;stat.mean
e_rv Err(RV) Error of RV km/s stat.error;spect.dopplerVeloc;pos.heliocentric;stat.mean
n_rv n_RV Number of stars used for RV km/s meta.number;spect.dopplerVeloc;pos.heliocentric;stat.mean
n1s_core |Core| Number of most probable (1sigma) members within R(core) N/A meta.number
n1s_center |Center| Number of most probable (1sigma) members within R(center); these are the stars used to compute the average proper motion. N/A meta.number
n1s_cluster |Cluster| Number of most probable (1sigma) members within R(cluster) N/A meta.number
dist D Distance from the Sun pc pos.distance;pos.heliocentric
col_ex_opt E(B-V) Colour excess in (B-V) mag phot.color.excess;phot.color;em.opt.B;em.opt.V
dist_mod Ks-M_Ks Apparent distance modulus in Ks mag phot.mag.distMod
col_ex_j E(J-Ks) Colour excess in (J-Ks) mag phot.color.excess;phot.color;;
col_ex_h E(J-H) Colour excess in (J-H) mag phot.color.excess;phot.color;;
delta_h ΔH Correction to H mag of fitted isochrone, empirically introduced to achieve a better fit in the Ks vs. J-H CMD. (see 2012A&A...543A.156K). mag phot.mag;arith.diff
logt log(T) Logarithm of average age log(yr) time.age;stat.mean
e_logt Err.(log(T)) Error in logarithm of average age log(yr) stat.error;time.age
nt N(T) Number of stars used for log(T) calculation N/A meta.number
rc R_King King core radius pc phys.size.radius
e_rc Err(R_King) Error of King core radius pc stat.error;phys.size.radius
rt R_Tidal King tidal radius pc phys.size.radius
e_rt Err(R_Tidal) Error of King tidal radius pc stat.error;phys.size.radius
kingk K King normalization factor (a measure of the central density of the cluster, see 2007A&A...468..151P pc**-2
e_kingk Err(K) Error of King normalization factor pc**-2 stat.error;
fe_h [Fe/H] Metallicity [Fe/H]; this is copied from 2013arXiv1309.4325C or 2012A&A...539A.125D. Data for globular clusters is taken from the revised Harris (1996) catalogue, edition 2010, or newly determined. N/A phys.abund.Fe
e_fe_h Err([Fe/H]) Error of Metallicity N/A stat.error;phys.abund.Fe
n_fe_h N([Fe/H]) Number of objects in [Fe/H] calculation. N/A meta.number
note_text Note The text of the note for an object. N/A meta.note

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Note o

The values in the source_type column have the following meanings:

ass stellar association
ast Dias: possible asterism/dust hole/star cloud
dub Dias: dubious, objects considered doubtful by the DSS images inspection
emb embedded open cluster/cluster associated with nebulosity
glo globular cluster/possible globular cluster
irc infrared cluster
irg infrared stellar group
mog Dias: possible moving group
non Dias: "non-existent NGC"/ objects not found in DSS images inspection
rem Possible cluster remnant
var clusters with variable extinction