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Resource Description: List of Observatory Codes assigned by the Minor Planet Center (MPC). The codes are used in cataloguing astrometric observations of small bodies in the solar system. A code is unique for a certain location and consists of three digits or one letter and two digits. In this representation, we give the observatory code, the geocentric coordinates, and the observatory designation.

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This table has an associated publication. If you use data from it, it may be appropriate to reference 1983MPC..7759...... (ADS BibTeX entry for the publication) either in addition to or instead of the service reference.

To cite the table as such, we suggest the following BibTeX entry:

  title={Observatory Codes},
  author={Minor Planet Center},
  howpublished={{VO} resource provided by the {GAVO} Data Center}

Resource Documentation

In addition to the values given in the original MPC list, we give the geocentric and geodetic latitudes and the height (more or less above sea level) computed from the parallax constants given in the source. The data in MPC's list is given to three to six decimal places, so the accuracy of these values is usually not better than a couple of dozen meters (and can be substantially worse at times).


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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
code Code Observatory Code assigned by the Minor Planet Center N/A
long Long. Longitude of the observatory deg
cosphip rho cos(phi') Parallax constant, cosine N/A N/A
sinphip rho sin(phi') Parallax constant, sine N/A N/A
gclat GC Lat. Geocentric latitude of the observatory deg;pos.geocentric
gdlat GD Lat. Geodetic latitude of the observatory WGS84 deg;pos.geocentric
height Alt. Altitude of the observatory m
name Name Operator-chosen designation of the Observatory N/A;meta.main

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