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PPMXL is a catalog of positions, proper motions, 2MASS- and optical photometry of 900 million stars and galaxies, aiming to be complete down to about V=20 full-sky. It is the result of a re-reduction of USNO-B1 together with 2MASS to the ICRS as represented by PPMX. This service additionally provides improved proper motions computed according to Vickers et al, 2016 (2016AJ....151...99V).

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  title={The {PPMXL} Catalog},
  author={Röser, S. and Demleitner, M. and Schilbach, E. and Vickers, J. J.},
  howpublished={{VO} resource provided by the {GAVO} Data Center},
  doi = {10.21938/puTViqDkMGcQZu8LSDZ5Sg}

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You can retrieve also the whole data set as a gzipped text file (43.5 GiB) from the download service. The columns in the text file are in database order as documented in the table info in DB order with columns separated by vertical bars ("|").

If you run DaCHS yourself, you can use a C booster kindly provided by Hailong Zhang. Instructions on usage are at the head of the file.

David Tholen kindly provided code to convert this into a collection of files for easy consumption by FORTRAN programs.

In 2016, John Vickers provided a global correction of the PPMXL proper motions based on extragalactic objects (2016AJ....151...99V). The results are given in the vickers_pmra and vickers_pmde columns. The coefficients we used are available at pmr-coefficients.csv and pmd-coefficients.csv. When used with the Code we actually used to compute the corrected values (adding healpix interpolation to the upstream from, these files have to be renamed pmr.csv and pmd.csv, respectively.


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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
ipix Id Identifier (Q3C ipix of the USNO-B 1.0 object) N/A;meta.main
raj2000 RA Right Ascension J2000.0, epoch 2000.0 deg pos.eq.ra;meta.main
dej2000 Dec Declination J2000.0, epoch 2000.0 deg pos.eq.dec;meta.main
e_raepRA E_raepra Mean error in RA*cos(delta) at mean epoch deg stat.error;pos.eq.ra;meta.main
e_deepDE E_deepde Mean error in Dec at mean epoch deg stat.error;pos.eq.dec;meta.main
pmRA PM(RA) Proper Motion in RA*cos(delta) deg/yr;pos.eq.ra
pmDE PM(Dec) Proper Motion in Dec deg/yr;pos.eq.dec
e_pmRA Err. PM(RA) Mean error in pmRA*cos(delta) deg/yr stat.error;;pos.eq.ra
e_pmDE Err. PM(Dec) Mean error in pmDE deg/yr stat.error;;pos.eq.dec
nobs #obs Number of observations used [Note 4] N/A meta.number;obs
epRA Epra Mean Epoch (RA) yr time.epoch;pos.eq.ra
epDE Epde Mean Epoch (Dec) yr time.epoch;pos.eq.dec
Jmag m_J J selected default magnitude from 2MASS mag phot.mag;em.IR.J
e_Jmag Err(m_J) J total magnitude uncertainty mag stat.error;phot.mag;em.IR.J
Hmag m_H H selected default magnitude from 2MASS mag phot.mag;em.IR.H
e_Hmag Err(m_H) H total magnitude uncertainty mag stat.error;phot.mag;em.IR.H
Kmag m_K_s K_s selected default magnitude from 2MASS mag phot.mag;em.IR.K
e_Kmag Err(m_K_s) K_s total magnitude uncertainty mag stat.error;phot.mag;em.IR.K
b1mag USNO mag (B1) B mag from USNO-B, first epoch [Note 1] mag phot.mag;em.opt.B
b2mag USNO mag (B2) B mag from USNO-B, second epoch [Note 1] mag phot.mag;em.opt.B
r1mag USNO mag (R1) R mag from USNO-B, first epoch [Note 1] mag phot.mag;em.opt.R
r2mag USNO mag (R2) R mag from USNO-B, second epoch [Note 1] mag phot.mag;em.opt.R
imag USNO mag (I) I mag from USNO-B [Note 1] mag phot.mag;em.opt.I
magSurveys USNO Mag src. Surveys the USNO-B magnitudes are taken from [Note 2] N/A meta.code
flags Flags Flags [Note 3] N/A meta.code
vickers_pmra PM'(RA) Proper motion in RA as re-corrected according to 2016AJ....151...99V, cos(delta) applied. This is only available for objects with 2MASS J magnitudes. e_pmRA still is suitable as an error estimate. deg/yr;pos.eq.ra
vickers_pmde PM'(Dec) Proper motion in Dec as re-corrected according to 2016AJ....151...99V. This is only available for objects with 2MASS J magnitudes. e_pmDE still is suitable as an error estimate. deg/yr;pos.eq.dec

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