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The second data release of RAVE contains spectroscopic radial velocities for 49327 stars in the Milky-Way southern hemisphere using the 6dF instrument at the AAO. Stellar parameters are published for a set of 21121 stars belonging to the second year of observation.

This data collection has been superceded by RAVE data release 3 (table rave.dr in the data center).

The data published here comprises all original RAVE data. Columns in the data release that resulted from crossmatching were left out.

For details, see 2008MNRAS.391..793S.

This table is available for ADQL queries and through the TAP endpoint.

Resource Description: The RAdial Velocity Experiment (RAVE) contains stellar atmospheric parameters (effective temperature, surface gravity, overall metallicity), radial velocities, chemical abundances and distances. Observations between 2003 and 2013 were used to build the five RAVE data releases.

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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
name Name Target designation N/A;meta.main
altname Alt. Name Target alternative designation N/A
raj2000 RA Right ascension (J2000.0) deg pos.eq.ra;meta.main
dej2000 Dec Declination (J2000.0) deg pos.eq.dec;meta.main
glon l Galactic longitude deg pos.galactic.lon
glat b Galactic latitude deg
rv RV Heliocentric radial velocity km/s spect.dopplerVeloc;pos.heliocentric
e_rv Err(RV) HRV error km/s stat.error
pmra PM(RA) Proper motion in RA mas/yr;pos.eq.ra
e_pmra Err. PM(RA) Error in proper motion in RA mas/yr stat.error;;pos.eq.ra
pmde PM(Dec) Proper motion in Declination mas/yr;pos.eq.dec
e_pmde Err. PM(Dec) Error in proper motion in Declination mas/yr stat.error;;pos.eq.dec
pmsrc Src (PM) Source of proper motion (0 - no PM; 1 - Tycho-2; 2 - Supercosmos; 3 - STARNET 2.0; 4 - GSC1.2x2MASS; 5 - UCAC-2) N/A meta.ref;;pos.eq.dec
imag Mag(I) Input catalog I magnitude mag phot.mag;em.opt.I
obsDate Obs. date Date of observation d time.epoch;obs
field Field Name of RAVE field N/A;obs.field
Plate Plate Plate number used N/A;instr.param
fiber Fiber Fiber number N/A
teff T_eff Effective Temperature K phys.temperature.effective
logg log(g) Gravity N/A phys.gravity
m_h_uncal M/H uncal. Uncalibrated [M/H] N/A phys.abund.Fe
alfa_Fe {alpha}/Fe alpha enhancement [{alpha}/Fe] N/A phys.abund
m_h [M/H]/Sun cal. Calibrated [M/H], Sun=1 N/A phys.abund.Fe
chi2 Chi^2 chi square N/A
snr SNR Corrected signal to noise N/A stat.snr
tdcc Tonry-Davis Tonry-Davis correlation coefficient N/A
hcp Corr. Peak height Height of correlation peak N/A stat.correlation
wcp Corr. Peak width Width of correlation peak km/s stat.correlation
zeropoint Zero point Zero point correction applied km/s arith.zp
hrvsky HRV(sky) Measured heliocentric radial velocity of sky km/s spect.dopplerVeloc;obs.field;pos.heliocentric
e_hrvsky Err. HRV(sky) Error HRV of sky km/s stat.error
tdccsky Tonry-Davis(sky) Sky Tonry-Davis correlation coefficient N/A
snrspec SNR(spectrum) Spectra signal to noise ratio N/A stat.snr
zp1 ZP flag Entire plate zero point correction flag [dispersion around correction <1 (A), 1..2 (B), 2..3 (C), >3 km/s (D); E - less than 15 fibers available.] N/A meta.code
zp2 ZP2 50 fibers group to which the fiber belongs zero point correction flag N/A meta.code
gapwarning Gap warning Fiber is close to a 15 fibers gap N/A meta.code
qual Sp. Qual Spectra quality flag [a - asymmetric Ca lines; c - cosmic ray pollution; e - emission line spectra; n - noise dominated spectra; l - no lines visible; w - weak lines; g - strong ghost; t - bad template fit; s - strong residual sky emission; cc - bad continuum; r - red part of the spectra shows problem; b - blue part of the spectra shows problem; p - possible binary/doubled lined; x - peculiar object;] N/A meta.code.qual

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