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Table Description: This table contains line metadata computed a pseudo-relativistic Hartree-Fock method including core-polarization corrections. Its schema follows the first Working Draft of LineTAP.

This table is available for ADQL queries and through the TAP endpoint.

Resource Description: This service provides oscillator strengths and transition probabilities. Mainly based on experimental energy levels, these were calculated with the pseudo-relativistic Hartree-Fock method including core-polarization corrections.

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  title={{TOSS} -- Tübingen Oscillator Strengths Service},
  author={Rauch, T. and Quinet, P. and Hoyer, D. and Werner, K. and Demleitner, M. and Kruk, J. W.},
  howpublished={{VO} resource provided by the {GAVO} Data Center},
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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
title Line name Human-readable line designation. N/A
vacuum_wavelength Vacuum_wavelength Vacuum wavelength of the transition Angstrom em.wl
vacuum_wavelength_error Vacuum_wavelength_error Total error in vacuum_wavelength Angstrom stat.error;em.wl
method Method Method the wavelength was obtained with (XSAMS controlled vocabulary) N/A meta.code.class
element Element Element name for atomic transitions, NULL otherwise. N/A phys.atmol.element
ion_charge Ion_charge Total charge (ionisation level) of the emitting particle. N/A phys.electCharge
mass_number Mass_number Number of nucleons in the atom or molecule N/A phys.atmol.weight
upper_energy Upper_energy Energy of the upper state J;phys.atmol.initial
lower_energy Lower_energy Energy of the lower state J;
inchi Inchi International Chemical Identifier InChI. N/A;phys.atmol;meta.main
inchikey Inchikey The InChi key (hash) generated from inchi. N/A;phys.atmol
einstein_a Einstein_a Einstein A coefficient of the radiative transition. N/A phys.atmol.transProb
xsams_uri Xsams_uri A URI for a full XSAMS description of this line. N/A meta.ref
line_reference Line_reference Reference to the source of the line data; this could be a bibcode, a DOI, or a plain URI. N/A meta.ref

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