Split spectra from the CALIFA DR3 cubes. This service serves one spectrum each per pixel in each cube where there is at least one valid spaxel. Where both V500 and COMB data is available, COMB spectra are served. WARNING: The individual spectra are not independent. Also, error estimates over wide spectral ranges based on the error estimates served here are unreliable.
ICRS position of target object
Size of the region of interest around POS
Wavelength (range) of interest (or symbolic bandpass names)
Midpoint of exposure
MIME type of the file served
Angular diameter of aperture
Signal-to-noise ratio estimated for this dataset
Redshift of target object
Common name of object observed.
Object class (star, QSO,...; use Simbad object classification if at all possible)
Date last published.
Spatial resolution of data
Type of wavelength calibration
A short handle naming the collection this spectrum belongs to.
Lower limit to spectral resolution power (λ/Δλ) as a single number.
Dataset identifier assigned by the publisher
Dataset identifier assigned by the creator
Shell pattern of target observed (case insensitive)
Shell pattern of target observed (case sensitive)
This is queryData for the default operation; some services support getData as well
Only return the TOP "best" records (on this service, this usually is equivalent to MAXREC, so no ranking is implied).
Return compressed results?
An identifier for a certain run. Opaque to the service
Sort by
Limit to items.

CALIFA asks you to acknowledge:

"This study uses data provided by the Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Area (CALIFA) survey ("

"Based on observations collected at the Centro Astronómico Hispano Alemán (CAHA) at Calar Alto, operated jointly by the Max-Planck-Institut fűr Astronomie and the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (CSIC)."

and to cite both of 2014A&A...569A...1W and 2012A&A...538A...8S