The Fifth Catalogue of Nearby Stars: Continuously Updated Version (CNS5-updated)

The Fifth Catalogue of Nearby Stars (CNS5) aims to provide the most volume-complete sample of stars in the solar neighbourhood. This is a continuously-updated version of the published CNS5 (2023A&A...670A..19G).

The CNS5 is compiled based on trigonometric parallaxes from Gaia DR3 and Hipparcos, and supplemented with astrometric data from Spitzer and ground-based surveys carried out in the infrared. The CNS5 catalogue is statistically complete down to 19.7 mag in G-band and 11.8 mag in W1-band absolute magnitudes, corresponding to a spectral type of L8.

Continuous updates of observational data for nearby stars from all sources were collected and evaluated. For all known stars in the 25 pc sphere around the Sun, the best values of positions in space, velocities, and magnitudes in different filters are presented.

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Changes versus the original CNS5

2023-10-23 (AG):

RV data has been updated with RVs from Gaia DR3.

Please note that 138 stars with Hipparcos astrometry are missing photometric data from Gaia DR3, 2MASS and WISE. These data will be added in the near future.