Information on Service 'Gaia DR2 Mock Bulk Download'

A facility to download the raw FITS tables containing the generated data for the Gaia DR2 mock tables. Almost all users will want to use the ingested and processed table gdr2mock.main on the TAP service at instead.

Rough metadata for the FITS binary tables is available from gdr2mock.generated_data. To download the files, visit gdr2mock/q/download/static.

For a list of all services and tables belonging to this service's resource, see Information on resource 'A Gaia DR2 mock stellar catalog'


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This service is not published. This can mean that it was deemed too unimportant, for internal use only, or is just a helper for a published service. Equally likely, however, it is under development, abandoned in development or otherwise unfinished. Exercise caution.

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