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This table lists source_ids of gedr3mock objects that are drawn at random using to the selection function found in Gaia DR2 for stars with a full six-parameter solution as derived in bibcode`TODO`. It is intended to be used to test selection effects in observables on underlying stellar population parameter distributions.

The completeness function was applied in spatial bins of HEALPix level 5, and bins of one each in GRVS magnitude and G-GRP color, yielding 7.2e6 sources.

This table gives an unbiased selection. The gedr3mock.rvs_sample_pi_rvs table reflects a sample biased to match the mean parallax of the RVS sample in each bin, and the gedr3mock.rvs_sample_pi_all reflects a sample biased to match the mean parallax of the entire Gaia DR2 in each bin.

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Resource Description: This catalogue is a simulation of the Gaia EDR3 stellar content using Galaxia (a tool to sample stars from a Besancon-like Milky Way model), 3d dust extinction maps and the latest PARSEC Isochrones. It is mimicking the Gaia DR2 data model and an apparent magnitude limit of G=20,7. Extinctions and photometry in different bands have also been included in a supplementary table as well as uncertainty estimates using scaled GDR2 errors. Additional magnitude limit per HEALpix maps are provided, based on the mode in the magnitude distribution of Gaia DR2 data.

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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
source_id ID Identifier of a star within the unbiased RVS sample. N/A;meta.main

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