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Table Description: Maser data proper.

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Resource Description: A all-sky compilation of galactic stellar sources observed for OH maser emission in the transitions at 1612, 1665, and 1667 MHz. The database contains OH maser observations selected from the literature . These observations belong to more than 6000 different objects. The database consists of three tables: The main table ("masers"), interferometric followup observations ("maps") and monitoring programs ("monitor").

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  title={A Database of Circumstellar OH Masers},
  author={Engels, D. and Bunzel, F.},
  howpublished={{VO} resource provided by the {GAVO} Data Center}


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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
measure_no ID Unique measurement identifier N/A;meta.main
source_no Source id Unique, artificial source identifier N/A meta.code
flag Quality Non-null if this measurement is considered the best available at a particular frequency. Lower means higher confidence. N/A meta.code
source_name Source Name of the observed source. The name given in the reference is usually kept. N/A
frequency Freq Observed frequency MHz em.freq
spec_type Sp. Type S -- Single peak of maser emission; D -- Double peak of maser emission; I -- Irregular spectral profile, multiple emission peaks. N/A meta.code;src.spType
ra_raw RA (orig) J2000 RA N/A pos.eq.ra
de_raw Dec (orig) J2000 Dec N/A pos.eq.dec
veloc_blue Vel. Blue Velocity of the blue-shifted maser peak. For single-peak masers it contains the line velocity. km/s phys.veloc.expansion;pos.bodyrc
veloc_red Vel. Red Velocity of the red-shifted maser peak in km/s. It contains the line velocity for a single peak maser if it corresponds to the red-shifted peak in other observations. km/s phys.veloc.expansion;pos.bodyrc
veloc_central Radial velocity Radial velocity of the central star. If veloc_central is not given in the reference, it is calculated. km/s phys.veloc.expansion;pos.bodyrc
veloc_shell Expansion Vel. Outflow Velocity of the shell. If vexp is not given in the reference it is calculated. km/s phys.veloc.expansion;pos.bodyrc
veloc_err Vel. Resolution Uncertainty of velocity values. Taken from the velocity resolution of the observation. It is actually a lower limit of the uncertainty, because the lines are usually much broader than velocity resolution of the observing equipment. km/s stat.error;phys.veloc.expansion;pos.bodyrc
flux_dens_flag Flux. Dens. Flag. NULL -- flux density columns contain detections; < -- non-detection at level flux density blue (3 sigma); > -- flux density blue contains a lower limit for the flux; = -- source only gives fluxes; . -- flux density blue contains probable detection; : -- flux density red contains probable detection; & -- both flux densities contain probable detections N/A meta.code
flux_dens_blue Flux Blue Flux Density of the blue-shifted maser peak. For single-peak masers it contains its flux density. Jy phot.flux.density;
flux_dens_red Flux Red Flux Density of the red-shifted maser peak. It contains the flux density for a single peak maser, if it corresponds to the red-shifted peak in other observations. Jy phot.flux.density;
int_flux_red Int. Red Integrated flux of red peak 1e-22W.m**-2 phot.flux.density;
int_flux_blue Int. Blue Integrated flux of blue peak 1e-22W.m**-2 phot.flux.density;
ref_key Ref Internal key for the originating paper, see ohmasers.bibrefs. N/A meta.bib
rapub RA pub. RA of object, from source deg pos.eq.ra
depub Dec pub. Dec of object, from source deg pos.eq.dec
raj2000 RA J2000 Selected best RA, J2000 deg pos.eq.ra;meta.main
dej2000 Dec J2000 Selected best Dec, J2000 deg pos.eq.dec;meta.main
mapurl Map URL to information on an interferometric followup observation for this object. N/A meta.ref.url
monitorurl Monitor URL to information on a monitor programme for this object. N/A meta.ref.url

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