Parameters of 220 million stars from Gaia BP/RP (XP) spectra

We present astrophysical parameters of 220 million stars, based on Gaia XP spectra and near-infrared photometry from 2MASS and WISE. Instead of using ab initio stellar models, we develop a data-driven model of Gaia XP spectra as a function of the stellar parameters, with a few straightforward built-in physical assumptions. This resource is a VO re-publication of the resulting catalog of stellar parameters. For bulk downloads, the covariances, the trained model, and more, see
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The three least significant bits represent whether the confidence in effective temperature, [Fe/H] and log(g) is less than 0.5, respectively. The 4th bit is set if chi2_opt/61 > 2. The 5th bit is set if ln_prior < -7.43. The 6th bit is set if our parallax estimate is more than 10 sigma from the GDR3 measurement (using reported parallax uncertainties from GDR3). The two most significant bits are always unset. We recommend a cut of quality_flags < 8 (the "basic reliability cut"), although a stricter cut of quality_flags == 0 ensures higher reliability at the cost of lower completeness.
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