APFS Gaia DR2 Simple Query

This service computes apparent and/or intermediate places of the stars in the Gaia DR2 catalogue.

The positions can be given either in the CIO system (default) or the old equinox system.

Pass a position or an object resolvable by Simbad as well as a magnitude range into the service. The service will then choose the nearest Gaia star with sufficient astrometry matching your criteria (only stars within 0.25 degrees are considered).

Enter a (decimal, comma-separated) position or simbad identifier to use the closest Gaia DR2 star in the given magnitude bracket; or use a DR2 source_id (in which case the magnitude bracket is ignored).
Minimal (brightest) G magnitude desired
Maximal (faintest) G magnitude desired
/ / (day/month/year)
Start date of generated ephemeris
/ / (day/month/year)
End date of generated ephemeris
Number of hours between two apparent positions