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This is a “light” version of the full Gaia DR2 gaia_source table, containing the original astrometric and photmetric columns with just enough additional information to let careful researchers notice when data is becomes uncertain and the full error model should be consulted. The full DR2 is available from numerous places in the VO (in particular from the TAP services ivo:// and ivo://esavo/gaia/tap). This service also includes a column containing the Renormalized Unit Weight Error RUWE (GAIA-C3-TN-LU-LL-124-01), a robust measure for the consistency of the solution. On the same service, there is the table gdr2dist.main containing distances computed by Bailer-Jones et al (:bibcode:`2018AJ....156...58B`). If in doubt, use these instead of the parallaxes provided here.

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