Information on Service 'Gaia DR2 epoch photometry preview maker"'

At the GAVO data Center, we hold several data collections part of or derived from Gaia data release 2:

For a list of all services and tables belonging to this service's resource, see Information on resource 'Selections from Gaia Data Release 2 (DR2)'


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This service is not published. This can mean that it was deemed too unimportant, for internal use only, or is just a helper for a published service. Equally likely, however, it is under development, abandoned in development or otherwise unfinished. Exercise caution.

Other services provided on the underlying data include:

Spatial Coverage

Input Fields

The following fields are available to provide input to the service (with some renderers, some of these fields may be unavailable):

NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
spec_id Spec_id ID of the time series to produce a preview for, in the forum band/source_id. N/A N/A

If you use public Gaia DR2 data in a paper, please take note of ESAC's guide on how to acknowledge and cite it.

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