Information on Service 'Gaia DR2 time series datalink'

This service gives photometric time series for the roughly 500000 objects for which Gaia DR2 gives epoch photometry. Note that this is different from the ESAC datalink service in that it gives split time series for the three Gaia bands. There is a link to the original ESAC time series in our table, though. The ids passed to this service are Gaia DR2 source ids.

For a list of all services and tables belonging to this service's resource, see Information on resource 'Selections from Gaia Data Release 2 (DR2)'


You can access this service using:

This service is not published. This can mean that it was deemed too unimportant, for internal use only, or is just a helper for a published service. Equally likely, however, it is under development, abandoned in development or otherwise unfinished. Exercise caution.

Other services provided on the underlying data include:

Spatial Coverage

Input Fields

The following fields are available to provide input to the service (with some renderers, some of these fields may be unavailable):

NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
ID Id The publisher DID of the dataset of interest N/A;meta.main
maxrec Match limit Maximum number of records returned. Pass 0 to retrieve service parameters. N/A N/A
responseformat Output Format File format requested for output. N/A meta.code.mime
verb Verbosity Exhaustiveness of column selection. VERB=1 only returns the most important columns, VERB=2 selects the columns deemed useful to the average user, VERB=3 returns a table with all available columns. N/A N/A

If you use public Gaia DR2 data in a paper, please take note of ESAC's guide on how to acknowledge and cite it.

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