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Shomydl shows Datalink documents in a web browser using the XSLT used in DaCHS. It is meant to give authors of such documents an idea of how clients would interpret their document.

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In addition to the form interface, this also supports a DALI-type API. Uploads work like in TAP. For instance,, would translate the datalink document at


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local means it is listed on our front page, ivo_managed means it has a record in the VO registry.

Input Fields

The following fields are available to provide input to the service (with some renderers, some of these fields may be unavailable):

NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
dluri Datalink URI URI of the datalink document to render. N/A N/A
in_data Uploaded data Inline data to transform N/A N/A
maxrec Match limit Maximum number of records returned. Pass 0 to retrieve service parameters. N/A N/A
responseformat Output Format File format requested for output. N/A meta.code.mime
verb Verbosity Exhaustiveness of column selection. VERB=1 only returns the most important columns, VERB=2 selects the columns deemed useful to the average user, VERB=3 returns a table with all available columns. N/A N/A

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