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A time integrated search for point sources of cosmic neutrinos was performed using the data collected from January 2007 to November 2012 by the ANTARES neutrino telescope. This dataset includes a total of 5921 events obtained during the effective livetime of 1338 days.

This table can be used for TAP queries. To give you an idea of what you can do, there's an example in the TAP service.

A worked out use case (on a previous, but analogous version) on comparing IceCube and Antares data using TOPCAT was kindly contributed by Vladimir Kulikovsky.

Here is another sample query that gives, for all the areas of the neutrinos, the average energy and the number of photons per area from the ROSAT survey:

        AVG(energy_cor) AS mean_energy,
JOIN rosat.photons AS p on
1=CONTAINS(POINT('', p.raj2000, p.dej2000),origin_est)
GROUP BY, ang_error

Note that since this has to do a linear scan through the relatively large ROSAT photon table, the query will take a while; you will need to execute it in async mode.

In a separate step, you could compute these averages for the entire table and see if some systematics show up.

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