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ARI katkat is a catalog of star catalogues in the spirit of G. Teleki's catalog of star catalogs (1989BOBeo.140..131T and references in there). It contains 2573 catalogs suitable for astrometric usage, starting with Flamsteed (1835) and ending in the 1970ies. For almost all of them, there is a column description file (as PDF, and unfortunately sometimes in German) and the digitized content.

The digitized content was partially used as an input to the ARIGFH project; for those catalogs processed in this context, the objects contained are given in one of the tables arigfh.identified or arigfh.unidentified.

See also the ARIGFH resource info.

For the benefit for search engines (that will hopefully pick up the bibliographic information), here's a paged copy of katkat:

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