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From the Bochum Galactic Disk Survey, time series have been obtained in the r and i bands on an (up to) nightly basis. Depending on the field, the time series contain up to more than 300 nights over more than 7 years. Each measurement represents the averaged flux over 10 minutes of observation (from 9 averaged 10s images).

The Bochum Galactic Disk Survey is an ongoing project to monitor the stellar content of the Galactic disk in a 6 degree wide stripe centered on the Galactic plane. The data has been recorded since mid-2010 in Sloan r and i simultaneously with the Robotic Bochum Twin Telescope (RoBoTT) at the Universitaetssternwarte Bochum near Cerro Armazones in the Chilean Atacama desert. It contains measurements of about 2x10^7 stars over more than seven years. Additionally, intermittent measurements in Johnson UVB and Sloan z have been recorded as well.

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If you use GDS data, please cite 2015AN....336..590H.

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