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The Subarcsecond mid-infrared (MIR) atlas of local active galactic nuclei (AGN) is a collection of all available N- and Q-band images obtained at ground-based 8-meter class telescopes with public archives (Gemini/Michelle, Gemini/T-ReCS, Subaru/COMICS, and VLT/VISIR). It includes in total 895 images, of which 60% are perviously unpublished. These correspond to 253 local AGN with a median redshift of 0.016. The atlas contains the uniformly processed and calibrated images and nuclear photometry obtained through Gauss and PSF fitting for all objects and filters. This also includes measurements of the nuclear extensions. In addition, the classifications of extended emission (if present) and derived nuclear monochromatic 12 and 18 micron continuum fluxes are available. Finally, flux ratios with the circumnuclear MIR emission (measured by Spitzer) and total MIR emission of the galaxy (measured by IRAS) are presented.

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